Published on Jun 10, 2024

17 Uncommon Passive Income Ideas That ACTUALLY Make Money (2024)

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step-by-Step Tutorial: 17 Uncommon Passive Income Ideas That Actually Make Money

  1. Participating in Sleep Studies:

    • Look for research projects and clinical trials aimed at understanding natural sleep patterns and disorders.
    • Apply for sleep studies at research institutions, universities, hospitals, or clinics.
    • Some studies can be done at home by hooking up monitoring equipment, while others may require staying at a clinic or hospital.
    • Earn money by participating in sleep studies, with potential earnings ranging from $352 per hour to significant amounts like $22,000 or even $199,000 for longer studies.
  2. Renting Out Useful Household Items:

    • List items like tools, lawnmowers, or party games on platforms like Neighbor, Fat Llama, or Rent My Items.
    • Platforms take care of the rental process, allowing you to earn money from items lying around your house.
    • Consider unique items like cornhole games or beer pong supplies to maximize earnings.
  3. Earning from YouTube:

    • Create educational YouTube channels focusing on solving real problems or providing valuable information.
    • Make searchable content to attract views and subscribers over time.
    • Monetize your channel through ad revenue, sponsorships, and other opportunities.
    • Consider coaching others on growing and monetizing their YouTube channels for additional income.
  4. Renting Out a Driveway:

    • List your driveway on apps like JustPark, Parkable, or SpotHero for people looking for parking spaces.
    • Charge a fee for parking, especially if your location is near popular venues or events.
    • Earn passive income by allowing others to park in your driveway regularly.
  5. Domains Trading:

    • Invest in website domains that may increase in value over time.
    • Hold onto domains and sell them for a profit when their value rises, especially in trending areas like cryptocurrency or emerging technologies.
  6. Investing in Bonds:

    • Consider investing in corporate, treasury, or municipal bonds for a relatively safe and passive income stream.
    • Bonds offer returns of around 2-5% annually, making them a stable investment option.
  7. Investing in Index Funds:

    • Explore investing in index funds like the S&P 500 for a diversified and potentially lucrative investment.
    • Index funds offer a passive way to invest in a broad range of companies and benefit from market growth.
  8. Selling Intellectual Property:

    • Monitor trends and invest in IP addresses or related assets that may increase in value over time.
    • Sell intellectual property to companies or individuals for a profit, based on market demand and trends.
  9. Creating 3D Designs:

    • Design and sell 3D models on platforms like Shapeways, TurboSquid, or CGTrader.
    • Explore various niches like gaming, architecture, animation, or product design for selling 3D designs.
    • Capitalize on the growing demand for 3D printing and virtual reality applications to maximize earnings.
  10. P2P Lending:

    • Participate in peer-to-peer lending platforms like Prosper or Lending Club to lend money and earn interest.
    • Conduct thorough research to choose reliable borrowers and potentially earn higher returns on your investments.
  11. Advertising on Your Car:

    • Wrap your car with advertisements from companies through platforms like Carvertise, Rapify, or StickerRide.
    • Earn passive income by driving around as a mobile advertisement for various brands.
  12. Selling Study Notes:

    • Sell study notes or educational materials on platforms like StudySoup or Stuvia.
    • Monetize your expertise in specific subjects by providing valuable study resources to students and learners.
  13. Investing in ATMs:

    • Purchase and operate ATMs to earn passive income from transaction fees.
    • Find strategic locations for ATMs to maximize earnings and potentially scale up your ATM business over time.
  14. Storing:

    • Rent out storage space in your house or yard on platforms like Neighbor, SpareFoot, or StoreAtMyHouse.
    • Utilize unused space to offer storage solutions and earn extra income from individuals looking for storage options.
  15. Buying and Selling Art:

    • Consider investing in art as an asset class through platforms like Artsy, Saatchi Art, or Christie's.
    • Diversify your investment portfolio by purchasing art pieces that may appreciate in value over time.
  16. Investing in Intellectual Property:

    • Explore investing in IP addresses or related assets through platforms like IPv4 Global to earn passive income.
    • Monitor income potential and market trends to make informed decisions on IP investments.
  17. Creating a Boring YouTube Channel:

    • Develop an educational YouTube channel focusing on solving real-world problems or providing valuable information.
    • Make searchable content that attracts viewers over time and monetize your channel through various revenue streams.

By exploring these 17 uncommon passive income ideas, you can potentially diversify your income streams and generate additional revenue through various innovative and lucrative opportunities. Remember to conduct thorough research, assess risks, and leverage your skills and resources to maximize your passive income potential.