Published on Jun 21, 2024

Defunctland: Kid Cities

Step-by-Step Guide:

Title: How to Explore the History of Kid Cities with Defunctland

Channel: Defunctland

Description: In this episode, Kevin explores the history of kid cities, a series of fake miniature towns in which children can role-play as adults. Why do these exist, and who is behind them?

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Start by watching the video "Defunctland: Kid Cities" on YouTube by visiting the following link: Defunctland: Kid Cities .

  2. The video is divided into different parts, each focusing on a specific aspect of kid cities. Here are the timestamps for each part:

    • Part 1: La Ciudad De Los Niños (0:00)
    • Part 2: Wannado City (13:03)
    • Part 3: Similar Projects (24:02)
    • Part 4: Are You Having Fun? (35:20)
    • Part 5: Corporate Sponsors (48:46)
    • Part 6: The Great Recession (59:34)
  3. As you watch each part, take notes on the key points discussed by Kevin about the history and significance of kid cities.

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  10. Enjoy learning about the intriguing world of kid cities and the stories behind them as presented by Defunctland in this insightful video.

Follow these steps to delve into the fascinating history of kid cities with Defunctland!