Published on May 18, 2024

The BIGGEST NEW AI Announced at Google I/O (2024)

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Exploring the Latest AI Innovations Announced at Google I/O (2024)


Introduction to Gemini AI Updates:

  • Google has introduced exciting updates to Gemini AI, the AI that powers the Android operating system.
  • These updates include new features designed to enhance user experience, such as homework help and scam detection.


Activating Homework Help Feature:

  • To access the homework help feature, users can perform a simple gesture called Circle to Search.
  • Enable this feature by going to the Search Labs menu and turning on "Help with Math and Word Problems."
  • This feature allows users to get step-by-step instructions to solve physics and math word problems.


Utilizing Scam Detection Feature:

  • Google has introduced scam detection to help keep devices and personal information safe.
  • This feature automatically identifies and alerts users about potential scams.


Leveraging Learn LM Models:

  • Google's advancements are powered by Learn LM, a new family of models fine-tuned for learning.
  • These models enhance the learning experience and are designed to provide accurate and detailed assistance.


Exploring Future Updates:

  • Google plans to release more features for STEM homework help, including the ability to identify graphs and diagrams to assist students with math and science assignments.


Interacting with Gemini in Apps:

  • An upcoming update will allow users to interact directly with Gemini within apps, enabling seamless sharing of content generated by Gemini without switching between apps.


Enhancing Photo Search with Gemini:

  • Google is making it easier to search for photos using Gemini, such as finding a parked car by asking Gemini to locate it in your photos.
  • The upcoming Ask Photos feature will offer a wider range of search capabilities and more comprehensive answers.


Exploring Video Features:

  • Google is introducing Ask with Video, a feature that allows users to ask questions about videos directly within the search interface.
  • This feature enables users to identify objects or scenes in videos by recording a video and querying Google.


Project Astra and Notebook LM:

  • Google is working on Project Astra, an AI assistant that can identify objects, suggest improvements, and provide valuable insights.
  • Notebook LM is a tool that organizes materials into a lively science, allowing for collaborative discussions with third parties.


Generative Media Tools:

  • Google has updated its generative media tools, including Image In 3 for photorealistic image generation and Music AI Sandbox for creating new instrumental sections and transferring music styles between tracks.



  • Trillium, the sixth generation of tensor processing units, offers significant improvements in compute performance and will be available to Google Cloud customers in late 2024.


Gmail Updates:

  • Gmail now features a summarize option to provide a helpful summary of unread emails, saving time for users.
  • The Q&A option allows users to ask questions directly in the mobile card overlay for quick answers.


Automating Workflows with Gemini:

  • Gemini offers powerful tools to automate workflows, such as tracking projects, extracting data, organizing information, and synthesizing responses quickly.


Gemini Live Feature:

  • The Gemini Live feature enables in-depth conversations with Gemini using voice commands and real-time interactions based on camera input, providing personalized assistance tailored to specific needs.


Enhanced Accessibility with TalkBack and Gemini Nano:

  • Google is enhancing TalkBack accessibility features with Gemini Nano, ensuring offline access to important information when receiving images.
  • These upgrades aim to make it easier for individuals with visual impairments to navigate their phones confidently and independently.


Conclusion and Future Updates:

  • Google continues to push the boundaries of AI innovation with projects like Poly Gemma, enhancing vision and language understanding.
  • Stay tuned for future updates, including Gemma 2 with text in video recognition and plans for open-source tools to improve internet security.

By following these steps, you can explore and utilize the latest AI innovations announced at Google I/O 2024.