Published on Jun 10, 2024

Nvidia Stock Has Competion From AMD and INTEL?

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Analyzing Nvidia's Competition from AMD and Intel

1. Introduction to Recent News:

  • The video discusses Nvidia's upcoming stock split and recent news impacting the AI market.
  • OpenAI is restarting its robotics research group, indicating growth potential in the robotics market.
  • HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) 4 is on the horizon, with SK HX planning to introduce it in 2026 using hybrid bonding technology.

2. Focus on Competitive Chips:

  • AMD showcased its AI chips during Computex, announcing the Mi 325x with 288GB of memory using HBM 3E.
  • AMD plans to release the Mi 350 based on cdna 4 architecture to compete with Nvidia's offerings.
  • Intel introduced the Gy 3 AI accelerators, emphasizing cost-effectiveness compared to Nvidia's H100 or H200.

3. Future Architectures and Innovations:

  • AMD's roadmap includes the Mi 400 generation, aiming to compete against Nvidia's GPUs for training and innovation.
  • Intel is working on creating large accelerator clusters with the Gy series, offering scalability and cost benefits.

4. Connectivity Solutions:

  • Both AMD and Intel discussed Ultra Accelerator Link to enhance GPU communication for AI workloads.
  • Ultra Ethernet, an open-source solution, is being developed to improve networking platforms for AI workloads.

5. Nvidia's Competitive Edge:

  • Nvidia's NVLink and Spectrum Max technologies are leading innovations in GPU communication and networking platforms.
  • Despite competition from AMD and Intel, Nvidia's continued focus on innovation and R&D keeps them ahead in the AI market.

6. Conclusion and Investor Insights:

  • The video concludes that Nvidia's position in the AI market remains strong for at least the next two years.
  • Investors are advised to keep an eye on developments in AI chip technologies and connectivity solutions from competitors.

7. Further Research and Analysis:

  • Viewers are encouraged to explore companies like Bessie Semiconductor, which provide equipment for advanced packaging and hybrid bonding technologies.
  • Consider researching more about the mentioned AI chips and technologies to gain a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape.

By following these steps, you can gain insights into the current developments in the AI market and understand the competition Nvidia faces from AMD and Intel. Stay informed about the latest advancements to make informed investment decisions in the tech industry.