Published on Jul 10, 2024

Unboxing my Custom Keyboard!

Step-by-Step Guide:

How to Unbox and Set Up a Custom Keyboard

Step 1: Contacting VibeAudit for a Custom Keyboard

  • In 2020, VibeAudit sent an email to the YouTuber Viper Rambles offering to create a custom keyboard.
  • In 2024, Viper Rambles reached out to VibeAudit to inquire about the custom keyboard.

Step 2: Receiving the Custom Keyboard

  • After months of communication over Discord, VibeAudit sent the custom keyboard in a large box.
  • Inside the box, there was an envelope addressed to Viper Rambles, containing a message from the keyboard creator, Cole.

Step 3: Examining the Keyboard

  • The custom keyboard had a black theme, noise-dampening modifications, and a weighty build.
  • The keys were perfectly aligned with no gaps between them, unlike Viper Rambles' previous keyboard.
  • Viper Rambles compared the sound of the new keyboard to the old one and found it to be much quieter and of higher quality.

Step 4: Custom Keycaps and Stickers

  • VibeAudit included a set of custom DarkViperAU keycaps and a keycap puller from @goblintechkeys.
  • The keycaps were quieter and had a ceramic feel.
  • Stickers and emotes were also provided by Goblin Techkeys.

Step 5: Installing and Testing the Keycaps

  • Viper Rambles removed the old keycaps and installed the custom keycaps, which improved the sound and feel of the keyboard.
  • Viper Rambles recommended Goblin Techkeys for custom keycap sets.

Step 6: Exploring Keyboard Specifications

  • The custom keyboard's specifications included details about the housing, layout, keycaps, switches, and additional features like adjustable heights and Bluetooth functionality.
  • Viper Rambles noted that the spacebar was heavy and replaced a switch for better performance.

Step 7: Adjusting to the New Keyboard

  • Viper Rambles mentioned feeling slower initially due to the different feel of the keyboard but expected to improve over time.
  • Viper Rambles identified differences in key positioning compared to a standard keyboard.

Step 8: Conclusion and Future Plans

  • Viper Rambles expressed gratitude to VibeAudit for the custom keyboard and mentioned plans to continue tinkering with it.
  • Viper Rambles invited viewers to like and subscribe to the channel.

By following these steps, you can unbox and set up a custom keyboard similar to the one featured in Viper Rambles' video.