Published on Jun 21, 2024

Aklınızı başınızdan alacak ücretsiz 5 Yapay Zeka araçları!

Step-by-Step Guide:

Title: Aklınızı başınızdan alacak ücretsiz 5 Yapay Zeka araçları!

Channel: Egecan Karabulut

Description: Yapay Zeka hayatımızın her alanına girdi, neden zamanımızı alan işler için onlardan faydalanmayalım ki. Bırakalım onlar yapsın bizde Değer üretelim.

Summary Overview: The video introduces 5 free Artificial Intelligence tools that are designed to streamline various tasks and enhance productivity. The tools mentioned are Copy AI, Beautiful AI, Brand, Lumen 5, and Namelix. These tools can assist in content creation, design, branding, and more, ultimately allowing users to focus on creating value while letting AI handle time-consuming tasks.


  1. Copy AI:

    • Visit the Copy AI website at
    • Explore the features and functionalities offered by Copy AI for content generation.
    • Sign up for a free account if needed and start using the tool to create engaging and compelling content efficiently.
  2. Beautiful AI:

    • Access the Beautiful AI platform at
    • Discover the presentation design capabilities provided by Beautiful AI.
    • Create visually appealing presentations effortlessly by utilizing the tools and templates available on the platform.
  3. Brand

    • Navigate to the Brand website at
    • Check out the branding solutions offered by Brand using Artificial Intelligence.
    • Design logos and branding materials with ease by leveraging the AI-powered tools provided on the platform.
  4. Lumen 5:

    • Go to the Lumen 5 website at
    • Explore the video creation features and templates available on Lumen 5.
    • Produce engaging videos quickly by utilizing the AI-driven tools for content creation and editing.
  5. Namelix:

    • Visit the Namelix website at
    • Discover the branding and naming solutions provided by Namelix through Artificial Intelligence.
    • Generate unique and catchy brand names using the AI algorithms offered on the platform for your projects or businesses.

By following these steps, you can explore and utilize the capabilities of the 5 free Artificial Intelligence tools mentioned in the video to enhance your productivity and creativity in various tasks.