Published on Jul 10, 2024

27 Hidden Psychological Facts About Woman Behaviour

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Understanding Hidden Psychological Facts About Women's Behavior in Bed

  1. Neck Caressing and Kissing:

    • Focus on caressing and kissing the neck, especially near the nape, to give women Goosebumps and create a romantic atmosphere.
  2. Arms and Legs Stimulation:

    • Women love being caressed on their arms and legs. Start by stimulating these areas and gradually move towards the groin for added excitement.
  3. Unexpected Orgasms:

    • Understand that 51% of women have experienced orgasms unexpectedly, such as during crunches.
  4. Calories Burned During Sex:

    • A typical sex session burns around 144 calories, making it a good form of exercise.
  5. Neurology of Orgasm:

    • The amygdala, responsible for fear and anxiety, shuts down in women during orgasm, enhancing the experience.
  6. Back Sensitivity:

    • The back is full of nerve endings, making it extremely sensitive during intimate moments. Gentle touches, massages, and kisses along the spine can enhance pleasure.
  7. Sensitive Areas:

    • Explore especially sensitive areas that are only accessible if the mood is right. Proceed slowly and without pressure to ensure a positive experience.
  8. Effects of Sexual Inactivity:

    • Understand that complete sexual inactivity may lead to a reduction in penis size.
  9. Vibrator Use:

    • 37% of women report regularly using a vibrator with their partners during sex for added pleasure.
  10. Sexual Preferences by Age:

    • Women over 40 are more likely to have multiple orgasms compared to women in their 20s.
  11. Breast Sensitivity:

    • Be gentle with breast stimulation as they are extremely sensitive and responsive when a woman is aroused.
  12. Male Orgasm and Headaches:

    • About 75% of men reach orgasm during sex, and a headache might actually increase sexual desire.
  13. Clitoris Features:

    • The clitoris is larger than commonly thought and designed exclusively for pleasure.
  14. Ideal Duration of Sex and Aging:

    • Sex lasting 7 to 13 minutes is considered ideal, with regular orgasms helping to slow down aging.
  15. Best Time for Sex and Vaginal Attraction:

    • Science suggests that the best time for sex is right before bed, and a darker vagina is seen as more attractive.
  16. Lip Sensitivity:

    • Lips are full of nerves and highly sensitive, becoming swollen and sensitive when a woman is aroused.
  17. New Mothers and Sex:

    • New mothers are ready to resume sexual activity sooner than the recommended waiting period of 6 weeks.
  18. Erogenous Zones and Sensations:

    • Nipples are erogenous zones, and sensations from hardened nipples activate pleasure centers in the brain.
  19. Ear Stimulation:

    • Whispered words and actions in the ears can enhance the mood, along with licking and kissing the ears and nearby areas.
  20. Orgasms During Exercise:

    • A study estimates that 15% of women have had an orgasm during exercise.
  21. Clitoral Stimulation:

    • Understand that 50 to 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax.
  22. Challenges of Female Orgasm:

    • Most women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse alone, emphasizing the importance of other forms of stimulation.
  23. Male Sensitivity:

    • Many women are unaware that men also have sensitive nipples, which can enhance pleasure during intimate moments.
  24. Clitoris Anatomy:

    • The clitoris, about 4 inches in length, is designed solely for pleasure, not reproduction. Understanding its anatomy can help in providing pleasure.
  25. Importance of Foreplay:

    • Always remember the importance of foreplay before moving on to more intimate acts to ensure a pleasurable experience for both partners.

By following these steps and understanding the hidden psychological facts about women's behavior in bed, you can create memorable moments of intimacy with your partner. Remember to communicate, explore, and prioritize mutual pleasure for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.