Published on Jun 22, 2024

Make SUIKA GAME (Watermelon Game) in 10 minutes

Step-by-Step Guide:

How to Make SUIKA GAME (Watermelon Game) in 10 Minutes

Step 1: Finding Art Assets

  1. Search for suitable art assets on platforms like Canva.
  2. Choose sprites that you are happy with for your game, ensuring they fit the style you desire.

Step 2: Setting Up the Game Environment

  1. Add a background and a box to contain the fruit in the game.
  2. Separate the outline and fill of the box to add transparency.
  3. Set up triggers to determine game loss conditions and boundaries for player movement.

Step 3: Setting Up Player Input

  1. Create an input action asset for user input.
  2. Update the player input actions in the script's update function.

Step 4: Setting Up Player Movement

  1. Use a script to constrain player movement within the boundaries set earlier.
  2. Set up an aim line with a line renderer script to follow the player's movement.

Step 5: Spawning and Throwing Fruit

  1. Spawn in fruit with circle colliders and rigid bodies.
  2. Update the image for each fruit and ensure they can be thrown by the player.

Step 6: Combining Fruits

  1. Create scripts to combine fruits when they touch and match.
  2. Use a game manager script to handle the combination of fruits into larger ones.

Step 7: Scoring System

  1. Implement a scoring system to keep track of points earned from fruit combinations.
  2. Update the score when fruits combine based on predefined point values.

Step 8: Adding Lose Condition

  1. Create a script to trigger a game over when a certain condition is met, such as fruit touching the top for a specific amount of time.
  2. Implement a game over screen and scene reload functionality.

Step 9: Testing and Refinement

  1. Test the game mechanics to ensure fruits can be combined and points are scored correctly.
  2. Refine the game elements based on testing feedback for a smoother gameplay experience.

Step 10: Final Touches and Optimization

  1. Add any additional features or optimizations to enhance the gameplay experience.
  2. Test the game thoroughly to ensure all mechanics work as intended before finalizing the project.

By following these steps, you can create your own version of the SUIKA GAME (Watermelon Game) within 10 minutes. Enjoy the process and have fun developing your game!