Published on Jul 09, 2024

💰Create a Sales Funnel Website in WordPress That Converts Like Crazy!💰

Step-by-Step Guide:

Tutorial: How to Create a Sales Funnel Website in WordPress That Converts Like Crazy!

Video Title: 💰Create a Sales Funnel Website in WordPress That Converts Like Crazy!💰

Channel: Darrel Wilson

Step 1: Get Discounted Web Hosting

  1. Visit Darrel Wilson's Hostinger link .
  2. Use the code "Darrel10" to avail the discount.

Step 2: Get the PRO Plugin

  1. Visit Darrel Wilson's Funnel plugin link .

Step 3: Setting Up Your Sales Funnel Website

  1. Follow the timestamps provided in the video for specific sections.
  2. Start with General Settings at 10:35.
  3. Install the Sales Funnel Plugin at 13:12.
  4. Create Products at 16:33.
  5. Design your Landing Page at 24:57.
  6. Ensure Mobile Responsive Design at 31:58.

Step 4: Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

  1. Add Products and Settings at 35:50.
  2. Design the Checkout Page at 39:31.
  3. Design the Thank You Page at 42:25.

Step 5: Enhancing Your Funnel

  1. Apply the Funnel to Your Website at 44:39.
  2. Add Payment Gateways at 47:12.
  3. Create Funnels for Physical Products at 56:59.
  4. Create Funnels for Leads at 01:07:26.

Step 6: Automate Your Sales Process

  1. Send Automated Emails at 01:16:19.
  2. Configure SMTP and WooCommerce Emails at 01:24:24.
  3. Utilize WooCommerce Emails at 01:30:01.

Step 7: Advanced Features (PRO Version)

  1. Explore the PRO Version at 01:34:56.
  2. Customize the Checkout Page at 01:44:41.
  3. Implement A/B Split Testing at 01:46:25.
  4. Utilize MailMint PRO at 01:52:23.
  5. Apply Sequences at 02:06:18.

By following these steps outlined in the video, you can create a powerful sales funnel website using WordPress that will help boost your conversions and increase your sales. Don't forget to check out Darrel Wilson's website at Darrel Wilson's Website for a summary overview of the video. Happy funnel building!