Published on Jun 10, 2024

Genshin Impact Full Story Before Natlan, All Cutscenes Full Movie

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Genshin Impact Full Story Before Natlan

  1. Introduction to the Story

    : The story begins with a character from another world trying to leave but encountering an unknown God who blocks their path.

  2. Loss of Power

    : The God takes away the character's brother and casts a seal upon them, trapping them in a new world.

  3. Meeting a New Companion

    : The character meets a new companion, Pon, who expresses gratitude for saving them from drowning.

  4. Encountering Challenges

    : The character faces challenges such as dealing with Storm Terror, organizing ambushes, and interacting with various factions.

  5. Unraveling the Past

    : Through encounters and interactions, the character learns about past events involving dragons, archons, and divine beings.

  6. Facing Betrayal and Deception

    : Betrayals and deceptions unfold as characters navigate through conflicts and power struggles.

  7. Resolving Conflicts

    : Characters confront their past, make decisions, and strive to find resolutions to ongoing conflicts and crises.

  8. Revealing Secrets and Mysteries

    : Secrets of ancient knowledge, forbidden powers, and divine legacies are revealed, shaping the characters' destinies.

  9. Embracing Change and Transformation

    : Characters undergo transformations, make sacrifices, and embrace new roles and powers to fulfill their destinies.

  10. Culmination of Events

    : The story culminates in epic battles, emotional farewells, and revelations that shape the fate of characters and worlds.

  11. Reflecting on Lessons Learned

    : Characters reflect on their journeys, the impact of their choices, and the lessons learned throughout their adventures.

  12. Final Resolutions and New Beginnings

    : The story concludes with resolutions to conflicts, new beginnings, and the promise of a brighter future for characters and worlds.

By following the characters' journeys, decisions, and transformations, players can immerse themselves in the rich narrative of Genshin Impact and experience the full story before the events in Natlan.