Published on May 15, 2024

The Expanse - Alex Goes Slingshotting

Step-by-Step Guide:

Tutorial: The Expanse - Alex Goes Slingshotting

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the key insights and scenes from the video "The Expanse - Alex Goes Slingshotting" by Speculative Future. The video features a slingshot scene from Season 2 Episode 11 "Here There Be Dragons" of The Expanse series.

Step 1: Understanding the Scene

  • The slingshot scene in the video showcases a spacecraft performing a maneuver around a celestial body to gain speed and change its trajectory efficiently.

Step 2: Observing Details

  • The display on the spacecraft shows a map of England and North Wales, with the island of Guam superimposed to create a congested look.
  • An Easyjet plane (EZY9RA) ID is visible, adding a realistic touch to the scene.

Step 3: Enjoying the Visuals

  • Appreciate the visuals of the slingshot maneuver and the encounter with the MCRN (Martian Congressional Republic Navy) in the scene.

Step 4: Additional Information

  • The video includes some inaccuracies in flying time, acknowledged by the novel authors as a mistake.
  • The video was retrieved from Amazon Prime U.K. on 02 Feb 2020.

Step 5: Explore More Content

  • For more content related to The Expanse, visit the creator's Vimeo channel linked here: Speculative Future Vimeo Channel .
  • The Vimeo channel contains additional clips and scenes from The Expanse series, including Season 4 content that couldn't be uploaded on YouTube due to copyright restrictions.

By following these steps, you can gain a better understanding and appreciation of the slingshot scene featuring Alex from The Expanse. Enjoy the thrilling visuals and insights provided in the video!