Published on Jul 10, 2024

9 Shortcuts of Every WOMAN’s MIND to make her OBSSESED With You | Scientific Proven

Step-by-Step Guide:

Title: 9 Shortcuts of Every Woman’s Mind to Make Her Obsessed With You | Scientifically Proven

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Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Make a Woman Obsessed With You Using Scientifically Proven Mental Shortcuts

1. Halo Effect:

  • Start by making an excellent first impression through your appearance, personal hygiene, and attitude.
  • Dress appropriately, maintain good personal hygiene, show confidence without arrogance, and exhibit good manners.
  • Communicate clearly and articulately, avoiding slang, and show genuine interest in conversations.
  • Demonstrate consistent kindness and consideration through actions and behaviors.
  • Be authentic and honest about your qualities and intentions to build trust and connection.

2. Subtle Touch:

  • Use light and appropriate touches to create emotional and physical connection.
  • Ensure touches are natural and respectful, never forced or invasive.
  • Use touch to emphasize points in conversation, express support, or add a playful element.
  • Pay attention to her reactions and adjust touch levels accordingly.

3. Pygmalion Effect:

  • Express positive expectations about her to boost her self-esteem and strengthen the connection.
  • Provide verbal reinforcement and actions that demonstrate appreciation and value.
  • Encourage desirable behaviors through positive reinforcement within a realistic context.

4. Mystery and Intrigue:

  • Maintain a level of mystery by not revealing everything about yourself at once.
  • Introduce elements of surprise and unpredictability in interactions.
  • Handle communication in a way that leaves room for interpretation and discovery.
  • Find a balance between too much and too little mystery to keep the relationship fresh and interesting.

5. Vulnerability:

  • Share personal experiences and challenges to create a deep emotional connection.
  • Demonstrate honesty and transparency about your emotions and experiences.
  • Balance vulnerability with strength and resilience to show authenticity and attractiveness.

6. Mutual Exposure Effect:

  • Spend quality time together in positive and enjoyable activities.
  • Maintain small daily interactions to reinforce familiarity and comfort.
  • Demonstrate consistency in interactions and behaviors to build trust and strengthen the emotional connection.

7. Principle of Scarcity:

  • Show that you are not always available to increase your perceived value.
  • Demonstrate that your time and energy are valuable by setting boundaries and not immediately giving in to demands.
  • Find a balance between being present and maintaining an active life outside the relationship.

8. Positive Reinforcement:

  • Reward desirable behaviors with specific and genuine compliments or affectionate gestures.
  • Encourage behaviors that strengthen the relationship through positive reinforcement in daily communication.
  • Maintain authenticity and avoid excessive compliments to ensure the impact is meaningful.

9. Mirroring:

  • Mirror her gestures, posture, speech patterns, and emotional responses subtly and naturally.
  • Adapt to her communication style to create harmony and increase attraction.
  • Show empathy and emotional reciprocity to deepen the connection without overdoing mirroring.

By following these nine scientifically proven mental shortcuts, you can effectively make a woman obsessed with you by creating a strong emotional connection, trust, and mutual respect. Remember to apply these shortcuts authentically and adapt them to suit the individual dynamics of your relationship.