Published on May 18, 2024

How To Use New Google Gemini (Gemini AI Tutorial) Complete Guide With Tips and Tricks

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Use Google Gemini AI with Tips and Tricks

  1. Enable Dark Mode in the App:

    • Upon opening the Google Gemini app, navigate to the settings.
    • Enable dark mode for a better viewing experience, especially for tutorials, by clicking on the dark mode option located at the bottom right corner.
  2. Choose Between Gemini and Gemini Advance:

    • Depending on your task, select either Gemini or Gemini Advance.
    • Gemini is suitable for basic tasks, while Gemini Advance is recommended for more complex tasks like coding, translations, and emails.
  3. Activate Extensions:

    • Click on extensions and ensure all options are enabled to have full access to Gemini's features.
  4. Connect Apps and Search for Relevant Information:

    • Use the "@" symbol to connect with various apps like Gmail.
    • Search for specific information within your connected apps by asking Gemini to find relevant emails or data.
  5. Convert Data into Tables:

    • Request Gemini to convert data into a table format for better organization and analysis.
    • Utilize the table feature to view and manipulate data efficiently.
  6. Export Data to Google Sheets:

    • Export the table data to Google Sheets for further analysis and customization.
  7. Summarize Videos and Images:

    • Use Gemini to summarize videos and images by asking for bullet point summaries or identifying objects in images.
  8. Locate Documents in Google Drive:

    • Ask Gemini to locate specific documents within Google Drive by providing key details or phrases from the document.
  9. Analyze PDFs and Generate Key Points:

    • Upload PDF files to Gemini for analysis and request key points to be summarized in bullet points.
  10. Refine Text and Writing Style:

    • Modify text responses generated by Gemini by highlighting and changing specific sections to tailor the content to your preferences.
  11. Verify Information and Avoid Hallucinations:

    • Validate responses by cross-referencing information with search results to ensure accuracy and avoid misinformation.
  12. Use Google Docs Integration:

    • Access Gemini features within Google Docs by following the provided link and enable advanced features for efficient writing and content creation.
  13. Run and Edit Code Snippets:

    • Create and run code snippets within Gemini for testing and experimentation.
    • Edit the code as needed and copy it for further use in different platforms.
  14. Explore Additional Features with VPN:

    • Consider using a VPN to access different versions of Google Gemini with additional capabilities based on location.
  15. Utilize Multiple File Uploads for Analysis:

    • Take advantage of the ability to upload and analyze multiple files simultaneously to draw connections and insights across different documents.
  16. Enhance Image Identification and Analysis:

    • Leverage Gemini's image identification feature to identify objects and details within images for improved understanding and analysis.
  17. Optimize Responses and Prompts:

    • Experiment with different prompts and response options to refine and customize the generated content to suit your needs.
  18. Review and Compare Drafts:

    • Use the "show drafts" feature to compare and select different response drafts to find the most suitable one for your purpose.
  19. Utilize Gemini Advance for Advanced Tasks:

    • For complex tasks and in-depth analysis, consider using Gemini Advance to access additional features and capabilities.
  20. Seek Help and Explore Features:

    • Explore the various features of Google Gemini to enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency in tasks such as writing, analysis, and content creation.

By following these steps and utilizing the tips and tricks provided, you can effectively use Google Gemini AI to streamline tasks, analyze data, and generate content with ease and efficiency.